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U2OS Zelle in der Metaphase. Mikrotubuli in rot (Antikörper-färbung mit anti-α-Tubulin und anti-Maus Alexa 594). Chromosomen in blau (DAPI-Färbung). Aufgenommen von Mona Höhler


Our exchange student Mac from Peru who is supervised by Abel will continue his internship in our lab for two more months since Covid-19 still has all the return flights under its control. Happy to have you with us, Mac!



In these days of physical distancing we still run our lab as good as possible with two work shifts a day, face masks and online meetings – staying healthy and keeping up the socializing :) On 26th May we will have our first online seminar this semester in which our two Master students, Pia and Katherina, will give us delightful insights into their projects!


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